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Bayonet by William Doreski 09.06.2010

Teacher and How Things Were in Her Day by John Grey 09.20.2010

Late Autumn by Kenneth Pobo 09.27.2010

Starling Song by Karen Kelsay 10.04.2010

Heathers by Emmanuel Jakpa 10.11.2010

The Thing I Brag About Is How Fearless I Am by Mary Christine Delea 10.18.2010

Real by Jessica Knauss 11.01.2010

Erosion by P.A.Levy 11.08.2010

12 Year Old Felony by Ricky Garni 11.15.2010

Charming Bill by by Donal Mahoney 12.06.2010

Patterns of Simple States and One Thing That Happens on a Friday Night by F. John Sharp 12.20.2010

Tiny Shards and Coyote Boys by D.L. Tricarico 01.03.2011

Desert Rain by Leslie Cohen 01.10.2011

Time Attempts A Tango and Dream Eater by Andrea Jane Kato 01.17.2011


Detection by Roger Pincus 09.13.2010

Blow by Parker Tettleton 10.25.2010

Flyover Country by John Bruce 11.22.2010

Figures by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz 11.29.2010

Two Worlds Walker by Janet Shell Anderson 12.13.2010

Guitar Blues by David W. Landrum 12.27.2010

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Janet Shell Anderson

John Bruce

Leslie Cohen

Mary Christine Delea

William Doreski

Ricky Garni

John Grey

Emmanuel Jakpa

Andrea Jane Kato

Karen Kelsay

Jessica Knauss

David W. Landrum


Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

Donal Mahoney

Roger Pincus

Kenneth Pobo

F. John Sharp

Parker Tettleton

D.L. Tricarico